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    PASS~PORT have just released this rad welcome part of Bronze Hardware’s very own massive popping and aggressive nollie flipping Billy Mcfeely. You may recognise Billy from such videos as 56K, Solo Jazz, Caviar, Outdated and the KCDC Video. If you’re unfamiliar with his shred stick radness, check the video parts linked NOW!! Then get his latest footage for PASS~PORT straight into your retinas below. So if you feel like treating yourself to a new board in this nice weather, why not make it a PASS~PORT? Fucking radness!!!


    BILLY MCFEELY from PASS~PORT on Vimeo.

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    Something Sinister

    Picture 11

    Jay Meador’s section from Something Sinister, the lastest full length offering from Tommy Zhao and the boys at Legion of Sorts, has found its digital dog bed over on the ride channel. A healthy clip of ridiculous spots and some tasty manouvers to go with them makes this one to watch, also Prince is a G and the only reason you hate him is because your bird would rather shag him than you, Watch on !!

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    Converse Dead of Winter Tour

    The Converse team braved the icy midwestern winter this year being forced to take their shreddery indoors resulting in the video below. Get it into your eyeballs now as Lost Art rider big bad Ben Raemers, Kenny Anderson, Robbie Russo, Raymond Molinar and a grown up Louie Lopez destroy a variety of indoor based skateboarding terrain obstacles to bits. Siiiiiiiiiiick!

    Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.00.04

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    Green Diamond Footage Dump Party

    Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 14.28.26

    Our boy Rob Harris has pieced together raw footage from 09 to 13 that was unseen until this day. Green Diamond footage is of upmost importance to the viewing of east coast skill stick shreddery that we all crave and todays offering has certainly took the edge of the NYC cold turkey.

    Keep an eye out later next week for a fresh crop of legit as fuck pieces from Rob and Pryce in the form of Alltimers merch. Get to know.

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