Real 'Since Day One' Premiere!!!

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Well, here you go peeps. As you know Sunday was the Real 'since day one' video premier down at the CUC cinema, next to new bird, Ash beavered away all day in the sunshine to get photos of the happenings. There was an unbelievable turnout, kids skated, parents sat off enjoying the sun, lurkers drank and at six pm ish everyone made there way across the street to see the film...... I won't put any spoilers in here but needless to say the vid is amazing, Busenitz and crew smash the doors in so you'd best put this vid on your easter list. Thanks to Frosty, Russ, Robbi, Ash, LBP, New bird, Lost Artists and Shiners lot who'll be sorting out all the monies raised for the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation; total raised on the day was £384 so pat on the back to everyone who donated....... Enjoy!

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