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Pass Port’s latest acquisition to their already incredible team, Dean Palmer, is quite clearly a natural at skateboarding. In this after dark based clip, Dean makes it all look way too easy at a series of enviable spots. The guy at the end is fucking hyped as well! Don’t forget to check out our range of Pass Port boards, tees and hats featuring top notch graphics by clicking HERE and HERE. Definitely one of our favourite companies around right now.


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Grant Taylor – GT Blazer Low full video

Grant Taylor once again shows that the laws of physics don’t seem to apply to him. Wallride to fakie around the corner and the frontside air into the branches are both particularly insane in Benny Maglinao’s (the man responsible for THIS and THIS so you know it’s fucking sick) official edit which can be seen below. Check out the edit now and why not pick up a pair of the GT Blazer Low by clicking HERE or HERE.


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Crumlish Crushes


After seeing this little ripper at the Ramp1 stop of the Thrasher tour, plowing around the bowl looking like a miniature Ben Raybourne we were eager to see some footage. What better way to be introduced to Saul that this banging edit of him styling up the new indoor concrete park in East Kilbride for his sponsor Wolfbeard. Style and skills beyond his years keep a beedy eye out for this wee laddie!!!

photo @shralpyabass

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The BIG 4 0

IMG_7940 copy

The main man David Mackey turns 40 today so what better way to celebrate than this video documenting the last skate of his 30’s ? Dave is just dead sound and everybody knows it!! He has helped nurture the Liverpool skate scene for the last 15 years, he has had half of Liverpool on the strap list just because he doesn’t want to see people not skating, he has been a second dad to all that have passed through the shop and I can safely say everyone greatly appreciates knowing such a understanding and caring man.

The definition of the Croc Family.


mac 40 from L O S T A R T on Vimeo.

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The Useless Wooden Toys Society – 24/11/2014

The inaugural meeting of The Useless Wooden Toys Society will take place in store at 6.30pm on Monday the 24th of November 2014. Join us for an evening of VHS skateboarding nostalgia with the possibility of beers (if you’re of age of course) and a skate afterwards plus a few other surprises. It’s not something you want to miss so drop all other commitments and be there!!

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