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Weekend Arsepickers V2

We are hardly legal and have more fun than you, we also pick our arses. AUSTIN 3:16 SURBOART WHAT?

Weekend Arsepickers V2 from L O S T A R T on Vimeo.

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Excess Baggage: Barney Page

Lost Art representative and absolute powerhouse Barney Page shuts shit down in this “Excess Baggage” video, a collection of offcuts from his Etnies part of earlier this year (if you somehow missed it, do yourself a favour and click HERE). As always, Barney’s footage is fucking bananas, handling some of gnarliest terrains in the most nonchalant way possible. Watch it below now!!!

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Nike SB – Destination Okinawa

All boxes are being ticked in this short video of the Nike SB ams killing everything in sight around Japan. Spots, filming, editing and of course the skating is all on point and makes for a rad watch. Click below to see Donovon Piscopo, Kevin Bradley, Kyron Davis, Denny Pham, Fran Molina, Maxime Geronzi and Killian Zehnder smash a multitude of highly enviable spots to pieces….
Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 13.07.58

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The Yellow Van Chronicles: Part 3

In a surprise turn of events, part 3 of The Yellow Van Chronicles features a brand new part from all around shredder Mike Anderson, which can only be described as completely fucking raaaaaaaadical. Manderson is definitely one of our favourites and has been for quite some time, it’s easy to see why in this three part bro tour (new Frank Gerwer footage, SICK). Check it below now, as well as parts 1 and 2 while you’re at it. Fans of all terrain gnarliness will not be disappointed.


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Jim Greco: Deathwish Remix

It’s clear from his trick and spot selection that Jim Greco went back to his roots to kill it harder than ever for last year’s Deathwish video. Taking influence and paying tribute to some of his favourite skaters, he pulled no punches and came out with one of my favourite parts of 2013. Thrasher have re-edited Greco’s part with a bit of a slower pace and some alternate angles, it’s rad so watch it below now. I still liked the original better though, Slayer can’t be fucked with.


Oh and here’s another one of our favourite Thrasher re-edits for no reason other than it being fucking rad. Everyone’s favourite big fella, Andrew Allen….

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