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Venue Skateboards Presents Gilbert Crockett in “Darlin’ Please”

Can Gilbert Crockett do any wrong? It certainly doesn’t seem like it with his current track record of incredible footage. Will Rosenstock (you can check his interview with our good friends at The Palomino HERE) adds yet another clip of Richmond, Virginia based gold to Gilbert’s back catalogue. It goes without saying but we’re hyped beyond words for the Vans video..


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Bill Strobeck’s short and very sweet follow up to Supreme’s Cherry is now available for your viewing pleasure below. Ben Kadow continues to be a favourite but everyone involved absolutely kills it. It’s definitely a must watch so get it into your eyeballs now!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 17.58.17

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Relapse of Luxury

P-Stone’s Bru Ray destruction continues, this time the crew heads to the infamous Orcas Island to kill the notoriously difficult park. Cory Kennedy displays his newly found gnarly transition skills (he can do anything he wants on a skateboard) and Ronnie Sandoval continues his seemingly unstoppable streak of being fucking amazing at skateboarding. Watch below now and keep your eyes peeled for part 2 soon!


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Magenta’s Crossing the Perth Dimension

Magenta’s signature fluid simplicity from the likes of Jimmy Lannon, Leo Valls and Koichiro Uehara finds it’s way over to Perth. Watch the short film from their trip below now for jealousy provoking spots and jazzy skids galore. Sick!


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Ronnie Sandoval – LAKAI Owen Feature

San Pedro’s Ronnie Sandoval knows how to skateboard, the Channel Street local absolutely murders transition of all types with incredible style and the one of most proper frontside inverts going, as i’m sure anyone present for the recent Thrasher vacation tour is fully aware. Watch Ronnie’s introduction vid below and keep your eyes peeled for further details on the forthcoming Lakai UK tour which has a 100% chance of being a good fucking time! SICK!

Photo by Paul Graham

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