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3D welcomes Tom Karangelov

The first video output from Brian Anderson‘s 3D skateboards just so happens to be a solid as fuck introduction part for one of our current favourites, Tom Karangelov. Watch below for speed, power, a great eye for spots and 2014′s most stripey outfit so far. Now all 3D need to do is put THIS GUY on properly.


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Cons Street

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 09.25.26

We recently bungled the scouse house massive into a convoy of motor vehicles and made the trip down to the Cons Project London. There was a full crew in attendance namely Dave Mackey, Evz, Geff, Rauiri Jones, Will Kynaston, Joe McCombe, Luke Fletcher, Russ Weasle and Charlie Birch even now London local boys Tom Tanner, Guy Jones, Tom Harrison and our men on the inside Ben Raemers and Jerome Campbell were along for the ride. Plenty of laughs and some outright bangin’manouveres went down so stop typing youporn in the search bar, get your hand of your dick and get watching !! Shoutout to Jerome for hooking us the fuck up and Kev Parrott for helping with the filming, Scouse.

Lost Art – Cons Project London from L O S T A R T on Vimeo.

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Jake Johnson’s Static IV part

This one’s going to be on repeat for the foreseeable future for obvious reasons. I’ve already watched it at least ten times. It’s only Jake Fucking Johnson taking the wallie, the straight no-comply and much more to ridiculous new levels. Frontside slappy down Clipper? That ender? Insanity. Jake’s one of the best out and if you were present at our screening of Josh Stewart’s latest opus, Static IV/V, you’ll know that his part is one of many highlights in an overall smasher of a video. Expect DVDs in store and online very soon! Where will Jake take his No-Complies & Wallrides+shuvits after the demise of Alien Workshop? No matter where he heads i’m sure it’ll be Epic Endless Stoke.


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As you already know, we back Bronze harder than humanly possible. Peter Sidlauskas gives us yet another reason to do so with his latest visual masterpiece from the world’s greatest hardware company, featuring the likes of Josh Wilson, Shawn Powers, Dick Rizzo, Billy Mcfeely, Cyrus Bennett, Jordan Trahan, Aaaron Herrington and more. Get it into your eyeballs below right now. “If you don’t fuck with Bronze 56k, you wack as fuck.”


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Lil’ Rippers

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.31.39

When I see the young’uns out and about skating with they’re mates having fun it stokes me the fuck out !! Watch on below for a day out at the pump cage from shop regulars Jack Creevy, Harley Davis, kris Walker and Paddy. The future is bright, the future is orange.
Filmed and edited by Jack Creevy.

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