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Karim is the latest to bring the PIFF. The real king of pop kills it in this one, murdering road gaps and fakie hard flipping over benches!! Keep a keen eye peeled for our interview with the man himself coming very soon, YES FAM!!

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Lifeblood Skateboards – Service for the Sick

as_skate_cody_ng_576 If you don’t know who Lifeblood Skateboards are then fuck you. These boys are top-notch, they skate anything and everything that appears infront of them. Get on their latest full length-er below for some gnarly antics performed by the likes of Mark Scott, Kevin Kowalski, Mason Merlino, Cody Lockwood and Dalton Dern.

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Sweet FA


The latest wave of Fucking Awesome Clothing and hardware has just splashed its way onto our doorstep. This brand is set out to make a statement and with a team that includes AVE, Jason Dill and recent addition Gino Iannucci and lets not forget the up and coming generation Tyshawn Jones, Sage Elsesser and Nakel Smith, they certainly aren’t doing a bad job!! Watch bellow for Jason Dill’s recent Cromeball interview and some more FA related media, Then take yourselves here to grab some of that exclusivity.

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Pop Clip #07

Pop Trading Company is the Benelux distributor for Palace Skateboards, Magenta Skateboards, Quartersnacks, Dank Magazine & Grey Magazine. These boys are killing it hard on the streets of Amsterdam where it appears to be rad spots galore. That bank spot looks incredible and that last trick is the smasher!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.53.33

Pop Clip #07 from Pop Trading Company on Vimeo.

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John Dalton: Survivors…

“From early 90’s pony-tailed frontside wallrides in Meany era Skateboard! Mag through to the present day, John ‘wolf man’ Dalton has personified the term ‘legit’ in both his skating and personality for longer than most of you have had pubes. Any quick fire quiz about who did what first in and around Liverpool will see John’s name appear with as much regularity as those more widely celebrated sons of the city like Misters Rowley, Cooke or Sumner. Put simply – this dude has fucking killed it both on and off a skateboard for over three decades so if you don’t know who he is then your skate education is severely lacking. All hail George Micheal. East Coast bitch!” – Ben Powell

Stop what you’re doing right now and get reading John’s incredible Survivors interview from Sidewalk’s March ’99 issue (click the images below for the full-res). Big thanks to Ben for contributing his words above and of course to John just for being the fucking best…





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