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John Dalton: Survivors…

“From early 90’s pony-tailed frontside wallrides in Meany era Skateboard! Mag through to the present day, John ‘wolf man’ Dalton has personified the term ‘legit’ in both his skating and personality for longer than most of you have had pubes. Any quick fire quiz about who did what first in and around Liverpool will see John’s name appear with as much regularity as those more widely celebrated sons of the city like Misters Rowley, Cooke or Sumner. Put simply – this dude has fucking killed it both on and off a skateboard for over three decades so if you don’t know who he is then your skate education is severely lacking. All hail George Micheal. East Coast bitch!” – Ben Powell

Stop what you’re doing right now and get reading John’s incredible Survivors interview from Sidewalk’s March ’99 issue (click the images below for the full-res). Big thanks to Ben for contributing his words above and of course to John just for being the fucking best…





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Bobby Dekeyzer’s Blue Tile Lounge part

You can instantly tell this kid is absolutely bananas at skating from the first couple of lines alone. Numerous awkward manoeuvres and really fucking hard ledge tricks done with ease (and usually in lines), Bobby Dekeyzer shreds Toronto like very few can. That back 360 at the end? BOOM!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.50.54

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Kevin Tierney: Static V Remix

Very few people skate like Kevin Tierney, love or hate his style you’ve got to admire his ability to hang on for dear life and skate spots many would consider to be absolute dogshit (that ollie up to stall on the rail into the bank comes to mind as it’s just fucking dangerous). Check his Static V remix below if any of this sounds appealing to you. We only have a couple of Static IV/V DVDs left in stock so i’d advise to grab one while you can as it’s one of the best videos of the year. Click HERE now!!!
Backtail Photo by Sean Cronan from Kevin’s Jenkem Interview.

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Converse Congrats !


As you all should know the magnificent human being and most recent addition to our shop team, Ben Raemers has just turned pro for Enjoi Skateboards. To celebrate, Converse have just released a clip of the tranny man in action skating in various locations around London. Watch on below and get yourself hypedddd for his section in Enjoi’s new full lenght-er ‘Oververt’.

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Jak Pietryga Grey video part


Jak straight up kills it and has done for a long time, the boy has got skilzzz!! So it comes as no surprise that his latest part from the guys at Grey Mag showcases his endless control and a bag of tricks as deep a wizards sleeve. Click play below for a lesson in how to be a beast at skateboarding.

Jak Pietryga Grey video part from greyskatemag on Vimeo.

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