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Marky Numbers goes to Europe

One of Welcome Skateboards‘ many underrated destroyers of all terrains, Marky Numbers (aka The Polo Cholo), took a trip to Europe with no plans other than to have what looks like a really nice time. According to recent video evidence which can be seen below, Mr Numbers was very successful in this respect and also managed to absolutely kill a variety of fun but gnarly looking spots. After checking out the footage below, take a look at our wide range of the latest in magical wizard sticks from Welcome by clicking HERE. Why not switch it up from the bog standard popsicle today!!!???

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 14.36.35

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The Scene: Paris

The boys in Paris are fucking killing it. Various videos from Converse, Live’s Parisii series, this absolute gem, Ben Chadourne’s Atom video from our previous post and much much more. There seems to be no stopping the apparently endless flow of incredible footage from the French capital. Kingpin have added to the long list of Paris radness with their latest in The Scene series of articles which includes 9 minutes of raw street destruction from the likes of Remy Taveira, Vincent Touzery, TNSC‘s Gregoire Cuadrado, Roman Gonzalez, Kevin Rodrigues, Sylvain Tognelli and many more. You can check the whole thing out by clicking this link HERE. Siiiiiiick!!!

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Atom – A Source Skateboard Video

Ben Chadourne brings you the first episode in his new video series of raw Parisian street based radness featuring a whole host of absolute killers (including a short but sweet part from 5boro’s Guillaume Dulout) plus excellent use of Tears for Fears. It’s pretty much ticking all the boxes so be sure to check it out below right now!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.05.24

“ATOM” A •SOURCE SKATEBOARD VIDEO from Ben Chadourne on Vimeo.

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Adidas’ New Stripes

Adidas’ three new acquisitions to their already ridiculous team go really fucking hard for their introduction video which as always can be seen below. Be sure to check out our latest goods from the three stripes HERE after watching the extremely heavy vid featuring Nakel Smith, Tyshawn Jones and Miles Silvas. That nollie fronside heel? Jeeeeez…

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 13.31.24

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Pass Port in New Zealand

The Pass Port crew took an extremely fun looking trip to New Zealand in order to shred the large number of incredible looking spots. Callum Paul continues his path of destruction, stringing together numerous unorthodox lines, Dean Palmer provides us with even more evidence of his ridiculous natural talent and Josh Pall keeps it solid with speed and style, the entire crew kills it. Watch below now!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.42.13

NZ from PASS~PORT on Vimeo.

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