Charlie Birch, Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Name : Charlie ‘Pooch’ Birch
Age : 13
Current Setup : 8” HKD Black/Orange Flip Deck (Full of DC Stickers), Independent low trucks, Bones OG wheels.

How did you get into skateboarding and how old where you?

I started inline skating and going to my local skatepark with my brothers, then my oldest brother got a skateboard for Christmas so when he wasn't on it I used to have ago then I decided I preferred skating to inlining (obviously) and then it just went from there I suppose, I was 10 when I started skating.

Tail Drop, Newbird

What are your top 7 Liverpool skate spots ?

2 block
2 up 5 down
New Bird
College 5
Scaff Banks
The Pier Head

You like to travel a lot to skate across the country, what is your favorite UK skatepark?

The XC skatepark in Hemel Hempstead, the pool is amazing!

Ollie, Liverpool

Who are your favorite local skaters ?

Andrew ‘Evz’ Evans
Dave Mackey
Josh Johnston
Oliver Birch
Jonny Taylor
Andy Jones
Tom Tanner

So where did the name ‘Pooch’ come from ?

Ive had long hair the whole time I have skated, one day on the way home from the skatepark my friend Josh Johnston was messing my hair from the back seat to annoy me and he said it felt like he was stroking a dog and then he just started to call me a pooch. hahahaha

Varial Heel, Liverpool

What are your top 7 video parts ?

Geoff Rowley - Flip "Sorry" (2002)
Leo Romero - Stay Golg
Ishod Wair - Real Since Day One
Grant Taylor - Mindfield
Tyler Bledsoe - Mindfield
Harry Lintel - Sidewalk : In Progress

David Gravette - Hesh Law

What are your biggest skating influences ?

Skating with all my friends, learning new things and having fun!

5.0, Huyton

Photos by Ash Wilson

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