• The latest from Traffic skateboards

    Traffic skateboards, founded by Philly legend and polejam pioneer Ricky Oyola, has been legit as fuck since day one of their inception. It's great to see them still producing quality graphics on top class wood and we're stoked to have them here at Lost Art. Not to mention that they've just given THIS GUY a board and they've also got THIS GUY, THIS GUY and THIS GUY riding for them, it's safe to say that they're killing it. Check out some east coast shredding from Traffic below now and then why not take a look at their latest board range by clicking HERE. SICK SICK SICK!!! oyolafsbdchrome

    Traffic Patterns from Traffic Skateboards on Vimeo.

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  • Dime Radness

    We are extremely proud to announce that we now have numerous high quality garments plus accessories in stock from Montreal's Dime Store. You may have seen some of skateboarding's modern day greats such as Jake Johnson and Al Davis (arguably skateboarding's best dressed human) repping Dime gear heavily. Their own visual output from Phil Lavoie mixes the ridiculous with the hilarious and throws a massive amount of absolute shredding which makes up some of our favourite videos in recent years. Get some Dime radness into your eyeballs below now and then pick yourself up a Canadian tuxedo or some other high quality gear by clicking HERE. Too fucking legit!!! tumblr_nf3oy3IAny1splmdgo1_500

    Antoine Asselin Macbook Air® footy from Dime Mtl on Vimeo.

  • Mechanically Recovery

    Ben Raemers needs no introduction, but I'm gonna do it anyway. This man genius slays all with a top notch style usually going mach ten! Kevin Parrott, the man behind the camera of Bens most shocking maneuvers, has put together an unused footage compilation from 2007 to the present day. Click below for a whole bunch of Blightys very own tranny man.
  • Pop Recycled 2014

    Grey_Pop_Recycled_2014 Grey Mag's Jacob K Brown has remixed footage from Pop Trading Company's Pop Clips series for Pop Recycled 2014. These boys have got spots for daysssssss, and you can tell, banging trick selection, nice long lines and a good mix of styles makes these guys ones to keep your eyes peeled for. Lets hope there is some more from these fellas on the horizon but for now get your chops round the banger below! Featuring Willem van Dijk, Marc Haan, Alexander Belhadj, Bob Groot, Alex Raeymaekers, Simon de Boer, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Noah Bunink, Tibbe Deltenre, Hugo Snelooper and Willem Dirks.

    Pop Recycled 2014 – Grey from greyskatemag on Vimeo.

  • Nike SB - NESW - West

    In case you were in search of further proof that Chris Jones one of the best, look no further (well, until the Isle video comes out at least). Chris along with Korahn Gayle and Jake Collins absolutely destroyed it out West for the final chapter of Nike SB's NESW series, so view it below now. Then why not re-visit Chris's Eleventh Hour part for even more of his signature mix of creativity and style at fucked up spots.... Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 17.50.30

    NESW West from greyskatemag on Vimeo.

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