• World's Best Premiere: Propeller.

    Jimmy Arrighi is the best cunt in the world. World's best cunt. The look of regret from some people who bump into him is priceless. Remember that time he ripped into Nordberg? check it out. Give his best brunches a look.


    Deer Man of Dark Woods, Vertical Cliffs of Eastern Shores, Depth Leviathan Dweller, Muskellunge of Dark Island, and Luther, Moss-Covered Witchmaker Candlemas. These lads are next level weird but i back it.  Interesting bunch of balaclava wearing boys is the best way to describe these bunch of west heads.
    Heroin boards are instore also

  • Josh Kansicka - Suburbia

    This kid is fuuuuuucked up on a skateboard. in a good way. You should keep your headphones out when skateboarding with friends but at the same time, do what you fucking want! go and buy the full video if this made you piss your pants. i'm pretty sure all these dudes will fuck up the streets of Chicago like this kid did in the full vid.

  • Mother Knows Best


    Mother Collective's Gilbert Crockett has an interesting interview to read by following this LINK He talks to Michael Burnett about acting, cracks and starting Mother. Keeping it Mother, Tyler Bledsoe hits The Grotto in the banging clip below. Did i mention we still have some of the products available Instore and ONLNE get it quick.

    Grotto from Mother on Vimeo.

  • Why i don't skateboard tumblr blog.

    This blog is one of my favourites to cringe at skateboarding. As much as i love it some people don't half do some stupid shit. If you have a tumblr give this a follow if you love cringing at skateboarding.
    Below are some examples from the blog.
    I find this really stupid, because why wouldn't you just buy a fucking scooter.
    Need i say anything.
    If you're attracted to skateboarding via hollisters instagram, you're a fucking moron.
    Reading is cool. Inverts are cool. but what does skateboarding have to do with reading? Oh yeah 
    Lazy longboarders.

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