• Dolan Stearns is a "Sorry Entertainer"



    Dolan Stearns is an absolute madman on a skateboard, check this short clip of him cruising around to a lovely Daniel Johnston song (who has been seen repping Lost Art gear in the past). And in case you forgot how fucked up his Lurkville part is, you can watch that below as well. Powerful stuff!




    Get a stiffy on because this one is HORNY. The best stuff from your favourite guys, Cyrus Bennett, Alex Olson, Jesse Alba, Loose trucks Max and many more all captured in NYC by the lens of Jonny Wilson.

    HORNY from John Wilson on Vimeo.

  • Jason Dill: Over Here interview from Sidewalk Mag Issue #50

    < --- CLICK PICS TO ENLARGE --- >


  • Al Davis Wins


    We can't get enuff of Al Davis because lets be honest he's a beast ? He was recently interviewed by Cafe Creme in which he talks about living in San Francisco, GX1000 and Mark Suciu "I think he need to look at how he is living his life, all the money, gun, drugs, bitches, going out to the club and thuggin all the time is gonna to catch up with him. I’ve been trying to get him on the right track. I mean he still skates but he need to chill." Click here to be re-directed to his words and get his GX1000 in your skull sockets.

  • Strangers



    Lurk NYC's Strangers video has been uploaded in its entirety to Youjizz, so we felt the strong urge to pass on the 16 minute delight to you on this shitty monday morning. All the lads smash it in this one with a short but sweet ending from Ben Kadow who manages to take some of the hardest rail slams ever. Get on it there.


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