• Doom Sayers - 'Everybody's Clown'


    Omar Salazar comes through with the first full length for his company, Doom Sayers. Below is 30 minutes of proper skating start to finish, get acquainted with their team and go grab some of their product via THIS LINK. If you haven't had your fill of Mr Salazar GO HERE to read a recent interview with Thrasher Mag about starting Doom Sayers, his view for its future and the video you should have just watched!! The internet has been everybody's mate lately.

  • Boys of Summer


    Every now and again a video comes along that gets you hyped to go skate. With the era of online parts quite definitely on, this feeling is becoming less and less familiar. Enter, 'Boys of Summer'. This ain't filmed on 4K, Red or one of them Phantom twats but what it does is carry the very essence of skating, fun with your mates. An hour could not be spent more correctly, everyone is in it!!

  • 15 Years of Enjoi Documentary


    Enjoi is 15 years old!! To celebrate Transworld is bringing us a multi part retrospective, including archive footage and interviews with founders and riders. The first part sees Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson talk about how Enjoi came about. Check it below and come back tomorrow for part2. We got something else if you needed reminding how rad Enjoi really is, Manolo's Tapes x Enjoi, 12 minutes, JUST WATCH.

  • Howard Cooke


    Did you know the best skateboarded ever skates for Lost Art? Well he does and his name is HOWARD COOKE!! We recently un-earthed this quick clip at the famous Malmo spot, TBS, so we thought it a good enough reason to watch loads of Howard? Check his fast as fuck parts below and get hyped to go chew the cold concrete right now!!

    HOWARD COOKE from L O S T A R T on Vimeo.

    Proper fast, dead shit quality and some heavy Scouse bangers!! Howard's part from the Lord video.

    This time he takes those classic Howard slams across the pond for his section in the Consolidated video 'Is What It Is'

    This section from 'Pulling Teeth' shows you how you are meant to skate transition, even got a bit of A Cooke in there too!!

    This bench/kicker gap is pretty much Liverpool legend and corresponds to the ridiculous photo You see at the top of the page. The one thing you can't see are the gaps in the middle of the benches that a wheel could easily get stuck in!!

    Soak up the 2 minutes and 45 seconds of Heroin era H and then get yourself down to New Bird and you might just spot a little fella frontside grinding the fuck out of the crustiest ramp in the place, thats if you are a lucky, H kills it and everybody knows it. Skateboarding is BOSS!!

  • Rian Pozzebon on ten years of Vans Syndicate

    Our good mate Farran Golding had a chat with Ryan Pozzebon, footwear design manager for Vans Syndicate, via his Speedway series of interviews. You can check that out by clicking HERE. We highly recommend you check out some of Farran's past interviews with modern skateboarding greats while you're at it such as Austyn Gillette, Josh Pall, our very own Geoff Rowley, Quasi's Chad Bowers and many more. We still have numerous rad bits from Vans in our web store as well, so take a look at those by clicking HERE. Big props go out to Farran and all involved!
    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.55.52

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