• B (For Real) Sides

    Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.06.05

    Who knew a week's worth of skating would produce so much footage? Certainly not us!! Press play below for some un-used clips from our recent 'Be For Real' Edit, and if some some reason you've been living in a cave and haven't seen the original edit thats down there too.

    B (FOR REAL) SIDES from L O S T A R T on Vimeo.

  • 5Boro "5BNY" Teaser


    Its Coming!! Check the teaser and get excited.

  • Rumble in Ramona 5


    MORE VERT. This time its the 5th meeting of the 'Rumble in Ramona' hosted by Darren Navarette and featuring Chris Russell, Jimmy Wilkins, Lizzie Armanto, Steve Cab, Christian Hosoi, Mike Crum, Max Shaaf, Peter Hewitt and Raven Tershy to name a small few!! Padded or not the shit that goes down at these things is always a joy to watch, so what are you waiting for?

  • REAL's "Through and Through" Video


    The Real team have been absolutely on one judging by the 17 minutes of destruction you are about to witness below!! With appearances from Ishod Wair, Kyle Walker, Dennis Busenitz, Jack Olson, Antoine Asselin, Jake Ruiz, Max Schaaf, Peter Ramondetta, JT Aultz, Robbie Brockel, Justin Brock, Ernie Torres, Davis Torgerson, James Hardy, Jake Donnelly, Massimo Cavedoni and shop rider Chima Ferguson. What a way to start off the week!!

  • Some Bullshit

    Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 12.29.57

    From the lens of Mark Dunning, the guy who brought you the first two Deep Dish videos, comes a European adventure through prague, copenhagen, malmo, paris then back across the pond to new york city, philadelphia, milwaukee and chicago. This one is heavy featuring Brett Weinstein, Matt Nordness, Steffen Watts, Gama (AKA Matt Gamalinda), Nico Rizzo, Mason Barnard, CJ Kelly, Drew Etzkorn, Raphael Aleev, Giorgio Villone, Sean Cullen, Gus Fedorici, Jereme Sneath, Kyle Jakubowicz, Dylan Luloff, Kevin Scutchfield, Tommy Hay, Honza Rousal, Marek Kocak, Matej Dobel, Jakub Osten, Tomas Bartak, Adam Lukas, Kobe Hoogheem, Flex O’Conner, Kevin Rodrigues, Roman Gonzalez and Hadrien Buhhanic. Twenty odd minutes of stoke await below!!

    some bullshit. from DEEP DISH on Vimeo.

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