• Frank Gerwer Bobshirt.com Interview.

    Anything involving Frank Gerwer in front of a camera either skating or talking is a must watch. This interview with the guys at Bobshirt.com has just appeared on the internet and its 20 minutes of your time well spent!! Old Frank boards, stories and general Gerwer Goofiness. Watch it.

  • Chairman LAU


    laurie O'Hare aka Chairman LAU B/S Smith grinds a dilapidated Craven House for Reece Leung's lens. Reece kills it every time he snaps his camera so go check out his blog www.reeceleung.com for more visual treats Right now!!

  • Respect Your Roots: Skin Phillips

    From Swansea to California Skin Phillips has propelled himself to legendary status through his enormous back catalogue of top class photos. To honour that fact Adidas saw fit to release a Skin Phillips shoe, as part of the release there is a short video chronicling his career with words from the likes of Marc Johnson, Matt Hensley and Mark Gonzales. Be inspired by pressing play above and then grab a pair of the shoes HERE before they are gone

  • Video Selek - Harry Lintell & Manny Lopez

    Kev Parrott has just released a joint part for Harry Lintell & Manny Lopez called "Video Selek". Check the London based winter shredding from the two imports and yes we are thinking the same thing too, Harry do you sleep in that Gillett?

  • Converse Cons - Lobster Tales

    Keeping it Converse, but a little bit closer to our chilly home (and also to support the new One Star Pro launch) Converse Cons teamed up with Sidewalk mag to explore seaside resorts across the North of England. And so, for one freezing cold week in January 2016, the UK Converse Cons team consisting of Matlok Bennett-Jones, Ollie Lock, Harry Lintell, Dom Henry, Mike Arnold and TM Jerome Campbell, ayered up, packed themselves into a convoy of vehicles and ventured north to see what a handful of Northern seaside towns had to offer to a bunch of skateboarders deep in January. Crazy i know but check the visual treat they came back with and get yourself in store to grab the paper based accompaniment while they last!!

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