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  • $lave - overdrafting to the Midwest tour

    $lave are one of my favourite companies around at the moment, everything they put out is fucking sick and these tour vids are no exception.

  • Night Skatin!!

    Been out everynight this week with me camera and this is what i got.

    For more photo go to

    Ash Wilson Photo

  • Paris Days with Etnies

    Nice little edit from etnies, from a trip to Paris with the likes of Tyler Bledsoe, Willow, Jose Rojo and Lost Artist Barney Page

  • DC's return with a new look and some 'super' features..

    So after a long break from being stocked in Lost Art (nearly 10 years) DC shoes return to our shelves in 3 varieties, the Tonik (£50), the Swift (£60) and the Landau (£50).

    As you can see it is a good, varied selection of shoes in the range. They are all made from 'Super Suede' too, which should mean robustness and strength are not an issue!


    "Had these a few months now and there still going strong, it took a couple of kickflips to get used to them, but after that they felt like those old shoes you just can't throw
    The new super suede is good, really good! Long lasting and flexable and like i said after 30 minutes or so of kickflips to mold to your feet the shoe is as comfortable as your slippers after a hard days skate. " - Ash

  • Brad Cromer Shred Shed 2

    Brad Cromer has a new part out and it's fucking rad.

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