Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • "your apartment is your pad,your old man is your dad"

    some of the best news i've heard this year,it seems as if there is gonna be a documentary about big l's life called 'street struck' for those that haven't heard of big l or are unsure who, or how great a rapper he was check out BIG L RARITIES for sum gems.check the trailer for the documentary below,and the 'yes you may' remix ,which was the first time most of us heard of BIG L and he absolutely fucking kills it.

  • rain rain rain................

    it seems like its rained every fookin day this summer,its a pity we're not all hardcore west coast rap stars like snoop.."when i grow up i wanna be a motherfuckin hustler ,you better ask somebody"

  • new ledges at the law courts

    get sum before its gone..........

  • back to school

  • new nike sb p rod 3


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